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C Rayment Ltd is a precision engineering company that specialises in turning, milling, grinding, boring and welding, using a combination of hi-tech CAD design systems. CNC machines are all linked to a central programming system and more traditional machinery provide the flexibility necessary to enable high volume production to be scheduled in conjunction with smaller batch production and one off emergency services. We use the latest cutting tool technology and have partnered with a local cutting tool supplier for fast turn around and supply of tooling. Fast and reliable machining of all types of materials from very hard specialist steels to solid plastics have built our strong reputation within the Food Industry, Medical Equipment, Safety Equipment, Petro-chemicals, Telecommunications, Electronics, Printing and Tool Making Industries. We work with customers to offer the complete service from design conception through to complete manufacture, also being able to supply work/operator instructions and SOP’s for bespoke jigs and fixtures along with spare parts lists and maintenance instructions.
Designing complex equipment, machining all the individual parts, heat treating individual components, providing special finishes, assembling and testing all the items and preparing them for transporting and storage are all part of the personal service. Quality control is an integrated part of every process and a computer controlled audit trail is utilised for every order.

Over 45 years experience provides a level of craftsmanship that is highly valued within the engineering field.


Years Of Experience

The company was founded in 1964 by Clifford Rayment to provide high quality precision engineering where personal service, attention to detail and consistent quality were paramount. Working with customers in the Food, Medical, Safety, Petro-chemical, Telecommunications, Electronics, Printing and Tool Making Industries has presented a wide range of challenges. The experience gained over many years has been well documented within the business and produced a level of craftsmanship that is highly valued within the engineering field. Constant training and the development of new skills are a key part of the company’s ongoing investment in new CNC machinery and supporting computer systems.
The company is located in Sudbury which has good road, rail, sea and air transport links. The container ports of Harwich and Felixstowe are close by providing excellent access to wider markets for the supply of materials and the distribution of finished components. Packaging and delivery are crucial parts of the total service to protect the high quality finish achieved in the precision turning, milling, grinding, boring, die stamping, welding and sheet metal fabrication processes.


Our engineers take great pride in the work that they do and are continually striving to achieve higher goals. Flexibility is a major strength and the combination of equipment, working practises and overall capacity allows critical projects to be slotted into either high volume or the batch production schedules at short notice. Therefore, the company can provide a valuable breakdown service which has helped many customers out of difficult and potentially costly situations. The ability to work with most materials from hard specialist steels to solid plastics ensures that we can support most industrial sectors.
Stainless steels, copper, bronze, aluminium alloys are the most commonly used materials. Heat treatment, polishing and product assembly are also key parts of the services available.

CAD/CAM technology linked to the CNC machinery are a core strength but the flexibility provided by a range of more traditional machinery broadens the scope of work which can be undertaken and improves efficiency.

Our engineers take great pride in the work that they do and are continually striving to achieve higher goals

Our engineering skills have built up a strong reputation in most industries


Knowledge Of
Most Industries

The combination of engineering skills and precision equipment has enabled C Rayment to build up a strong customer base in the Aerospace, Audio, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Food, Medical Equipment,
Petro-chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Printing, Safety Equipment, Scientific, Telecommunications, and Tool Making Industries. Each one of these industries has their own standards and special requirements. C Rayment has incorporated all this knowledge into their operating procedures, quality control programme and computer work flow audit trail.

Long Term Relationships

C Rayment believe that their Precision Engineering Services should be flexible so that they can match very closely the specific requirements of each customer. Good supply and product delivery schedules maximise storage space and minimise production cost. Treating each customer as an individual and taking time to ensure the fine detail of each order is clearly logged for action, is a key part of our customer service. This has resulted in many repeat orders and secured long term relationships with companies that recognise the value of service over and above the product cost.

Treating each customer as an individual is a key part of our customer service

Our engineering skills have built up a strong reputation in most industries


We are always seeking enthusiastic or experienced individuals keen on Programming CNC Milling and or Turning.
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We have the capacity to undertake large projects, in terms of both scale and volume.
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